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Another Path: Homeschooling Your Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child

Making the Decision
Factors to consider when deciding to homeschool a deaf or hard of hearing child.

Deaf Education
A resource guide to issues specific to educating deaf or hard of hearing children.

Getting Started
Tips and resources for getting started with homeschooling.

Finding emotional and social support.

State Laws
A state-by-state guide to laws, including laws specific to special education, support groups and homeschooling resources.

Celebrations and rituals in family life.

Out & About
Resources for interacting with, and serving, your community.

A guide to teaching art, art appreciation, art history and artistic techniques for homeschool parents.

A guide to the crafts resources, projects and instructions available at Another Path.

Language Arts
Resources for teaching reading, spelling, writing and penshipship.

Resources for teaching foreign languages.

Resources for exploring and teaching mathematics.

Reading Lists
Lists of recommended books and magazines.

Resources and materials for teaching science.

My picks for great educational software for kids.

My suggestions for toys every home should have.



About Another Path

Another Path is a comprehensive guide to homeschooling for parents who are considering homeschooling, or who have decided to homeschool, a deaf or hard of hearing child.

I started the Another Path web site in the fall of 1999 after compiling a list of homeschooling books and web sites for an e-mail list.

At that time there were no resources on the net for homeschooling deaf or hard of hearing children.

Since then the site has grown tremendously. It currently contains over 200 pages of resources to guide you through any homeschool project from buying curriculum to making animated films.

About Barbara Handley

It seems I am now technically a late-thirty-something (time passes) homeschool mom living with my two children in the rainy Pacific Northwest of the United States.

I decided to homeschool many years ago, long before my children were born. When my daughter's hearing loss was identified in early 1999, I began to search for information about homeschooling deaf children. I found nothing. Being a project sort of person, I decided to create something.

All mothers wear multiple hats, and I'm no exception. In addition to my work as a freelance writer, I run a local homeschool support group, moderate 5 e-mail lists and maintain several websites.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions that you may have.

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