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Christmas 2002

Christmas 2002 Daily Activities

If you've read my Christmas Traditions article, then you know that our family does one thing each day to get ready for Christmas.

We usually start after Thanksgiving. If Thanksgiving is unusually early, we'll wait a week. This year, it was pretty late, so we've leaped right into our Christmas Rituals.

I'm going to update this daily, simply listing what we did that day.

You may notice that there are no charitable activities listed here. There are a couple of reasons for that. I practice charity daily; the Christmas season is no different from any other time of the year. Secondly, though I am not Christian now, I was raised Catholic, and some aspects of my upbringing continue to influence me. As a teen, I became very interested in the works of Lloyd C. Douglas. My attitude towards charitable work has been profoundly shaped by the ideas in Magnificent Obsession .... that is, truly selfless charity is done so quietly that not even the left hand knows what the right is doing.

Basically, I don't talk about it much; you certainly won't find me listing all my activities here.

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