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Christmas Tree

When I was a kid, we put up our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. My sister's birthday is three days before Christmas, so we waited until after that.

On my own, I usually got the tree a bit earlier than that, but not much. I'd keep the tree up halfway through January.

Then I had a baby on New Year's Day.

We take our Christmas tree down on the 27th or 28th of December each year and shift to birthday mode. Consequently, we get our tree a bit earlier in the month. Usually no later than the 10th.

Barbara's 2002 Christmas tree.

We picked our traditional tree: a Noble Fir. We live in Oregon, so we also paid our traditional low price.

We carried the tree home by hand. This has inadvertently become something of a tradition. We've managed to find trees within walking distance of our home for the last several years.

Usually I put the lights on the tree on the day we bring it home, but it was pretty late in the evening this year, so I waited one day.

Our decorating ritual has been the same for many years. The only difference being that we can now decorate the lower 3 feet of the tree with glass ornaments.

We always decorate the tree in the following order.

Our Christmas tree skirt is actually a tablecloth that I picked up at Target for $7 or so a few years ago.

I have a collection of hat boxes and ornamental tins. We place these underneath the tree.

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Christmas isn't about shopping, it's about the way we care.
- Peter Alsop

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