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Keizer, Oregon

Most years, we drive to Keizer to view the Miracle of Christmas Light Display.

This year I didn't check the opening dates and we went on the second, just before it officially opened. We'll probably go again later in the month.

There are over 3 miles of lighted houses to drive through. The display was somewhat more impressive when we started visiting in the early 90's, but it is still a treat.

Our annual Keizer visit includes our traditional dinner at the Dairy Queen down the road. It also includes my annual ritual of getting lost in the countryside between Keizer and Salem. There's one intersection where I turn the wrong way every year. This time I caught myself after a block or so and turned around.

The residents of the Miracle of Christmas collect canned foods and money from visitors. Last year they collected nearly 17,000 pounds of food.

Keizer is located just north of Salem on I-5, about 40 minutes south of Portland.

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