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BookCrossing is one of our new hobbies, uh, passions, well, one of our new obsessions, if I'm going to be perfectly honest.

I first heard of BookCrossing sometime in early 2002. Took me a few months to get around to finally signing up. A few more weeks passed before we were ready to start (I had to buy 2x4 inch labels, which took some hunting.)

Yesterday, we released our first book into the wild. I casually left a copy of Mothering Your Nursing Toddler on a bench at the gymnastics academy during our open gym time.

After lunch, the kids and I chose a couple more books, applied labels and sticky notes, and took a walk to Albertson's to pick up a frozen pizza (for Family Pizza and Movie Night). We left the books on table near the coffee bar.

Twenty-four hours later we have our first "catch" and there are a couple of really thrilled kids running around the house (and one pretty delighted mom).

We're planning on spreading the joy by setting up an Official BookCrossing Zone for our local homeschool support group. We don't have a permanent office, so we're going to use a plastic milk crate that can travel to our public events (Park Day, Chess & Game Day).

See the books we've set free at:

Releasing books is super easy. You just need to sign up at Then register the book. You can just write the info inside the book, or you can print out bookmarks or labels. Then give the book to a friend, or drop it off somewhere.

We've been putting a label inside the book, placing the book inside a plastic zipped baggie, and affixing a note to the front that says:

I'm not lost, I'm looking for new friends."

We're starting off by giving away books we've outgrown from our personal library. We also plan to buy books to give away. I've established a small monthly budget for this purpose.

If you'd like suggestions for great books to give away, be sure to check out the book lists on this site (listed on the upper right side of your screen).

Keep your eyes open, maybe one of our books will come to you!

Happy crossings!

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Books are like imprisoned souls till someone takes them down from a shelf and frees them.
- Samuel Butler

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