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Deaf Education

Suggestions for managing acoustical issues in your home in order to create an optimal educational enviroment for your deaf/hoh child.

Homeschooling With An IEP
Homeschooling with an Individual Education Plan.

Speech and Language Resources
Suggestions, tips and resources for working on speech, language and articulation.

Home-based Speech Therapy Plan
My home-based speech therapy plan for my daughter.

Articulation Practice: /s/
Articulation practice plan for /s/.

Articulation Practice: /t/
Articulation practice plan for /t/.

Related Resources

Deaf Education Website
A site for the support of deaf education teachers and deaf students.

Getting Started
Tips and resources for getting started with homeschooling.

Making the Decision
Factors to consider when deciding to homeschool a deaf or hard of hearing child.

State Laws & Support Groups
A state-by-state guide to homeschool laws, including laws specific to special education.

Finding emotional and social support.

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