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Home-based Speech Therapy Plan

Getting Organized

I am using the following tools to organize my therapy plan.

Articulation Practice

Articulation Practice: /s/

Articulation Practice: /t/

Related Resources

Speech therapy activities.

Caroline Bowen PhD, Speech-Language Pathologist
"This site comprises some 218 web pages for families, Speech - Language Pathologists, professionals in related disciplines, and students of human communication disorders and sciences."

Classroom Activities
Activity suggestions for children with communication disorders.

Classroom Techniques for Students with Language-Learning Disorders
Techniques for teachers to use in the classroom. Many will be useful to homeschooling parents.

Disorders of Articulation
Several guidelines: ages at which sounds are articulated, types of articulation errors, and evaluation steps.
"Free interactive lessons, exercises and worksheets, educational games, open-ended questions in Math and Language Arts, and more." There are several useful tools at this site, including an end-sounds phonics drill.

Guidelines for the Classroom Teacher Serving the Hearing-Impaired Child PDF
An article with several practical tips for teaching children with hearing loss. (The owner of this site will not permit me to directly link to the article. Unfortunately, you will have to scroll through the list on this page and figure out which one it is.)

Home Activity Ideas
Included are ideas and activities that will encourage development of speech/language skills at home.

Ideas For Classroom/Parent Interventions For Articulation Errors Or Unclear Speech PDF
Specific techniques and strategies to use in correcting articulation errors. (The owner of this site will not permit me to directly link to the article. Unfortunately, you will have to scroll through the list on this page and figure out which one it is.)

Extensive article defining lisp, discussing the different types of lisp, and outlining therapy approach.

On-line Therapy Tools
Each link is reviewed and annotated with functional goal and target ideas for speech/language therapy (i.e. how to use it with your child).

Speech Activities
On-line Java games for work on articulation practice and other speech therapy goals.

Story-Making Machine
Simple stories to read aloud to practice the target sound. I found the highlist feature to be worthless. It highlights the letter, not the sound. The stories for /s/ highlight each instance of the letter s. This means that many /z/ (as in runs) sounds are highlighted and many /s/ sounds (as in once) are missed.

You can also submit your own stories to be included on the site.

Therapy Techniques
Several dozen suggestions and tips from speech therapists. Many would be appropriate only in a school or clinic setting, but quite a few can easily be used at home.

You Can Do It! Home Based Speech and Language Therapy
Article on managing your child's speech therapy at home, in consultation with an SLP.

American Sign Language
Reasons to learn ASL and helpful resources: books, software, videos, web sites.

Speech and Language Resources
Suggestions, tips and resources for working on speech, language and articulation.

Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue. - William Shakespeare

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