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Assessment Tools

Assessment is the process of finding out what your child knows. This can be done formally or informally. For many homeschoolers, simply listening and observing what their children do is sufficient.

There are circumstances, however, in which more formal assessment tools may be appropriate.

Besides determining what your child knows now, there are two other primary reasons for assessment.

  1. To evaluate progress since a previous assessment.

    Portfolios are a popular assessment tool that many homeschoolers use for this purpose. In addition to samples of the child's work, the portfolio should include journal entries written by the parent. Periodically review the materials and journal entries and write a summary report. The summary reports will allow you to assess the child's academic progress over time. The summaries will also be useful for identifying academic strengths and weaknesses.

  2. To compare what your child knows to a benchmark or normed standard.

    Comparing your child to a normed standard usually requires formal testing. If you are measuring your child's progress against benchmarks, then the portfolio method may well suffice. If you wish to assess your child's grade level, IQ, reading comprehension, etc. you will likely need a more formal testing instrument. Some tests you can administer yourself; for others you will have to hire a certified tester or psychologist.

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