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Benchmarks & Content Standards

Although the term "benchmarks" is frequently tossed around in complex discussions regarding educational reform and assessment, they aren't anything mysterious.

Simply put, benchmarks are lists of what every person should know. Typically, such lists are broken down by grade or age level.

Benchmarks can provide a useful guide for designing your homeschool curriculum or sdeveloping unit studies.

When choosing a benchmark list or typical course of study to use as a framework, be sure carefully evaluate the list. A state-based benchmark list which was developed to ensure that all 3rd graders pass a competency test may not be the most appropriate guide to use in your home.

The array of human knowledge is quite large, and no course of study is going to encompass more than a tiny fraction of that knowledge. You will need to use your judgment to assess whether or not a particular course of study covers the areas you think are important for your child to learn.

Keep in mind that any benchmark list or course of study is a guide, you may certainly add or remove items as you see fit.

Benchmarks can also be helpful when assessing your child's educational progress, particularly if you are interested in comparing your child's knowledge to an external standard.

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