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Buying a Homeschool Curriculum

There are no complete, pre-packaged curricula designed for deaf or hard of hearing children. There are a few Reading and Math curricula, but no complete programs.

Buying a pre-packaged homeschool curriculum can be a daunting task. They can be quite expensive and there are a number of factors to consider.

Three Steps to Choosing a Curriculum

  1. Identify Your Child's Learning Style

    There is absolutely no point in spending money on a curriculum that is poorly suited to your child. If your child is a Tactual-Kinesthetic learner, a curriculum that focuses on reading and writing for hours every day is going to be a poor fit.

  2. Compare and Evaluate Features

    Compare the features of different curricula before you buy. Attend a Curriculum Fair in your area, or ask the company for samples before you buy.

  3. Seek Feedback

    Ask other homeschoolers, in real life, or on message boards about their experiences with different curricula. Seek out reviews on the internet.

These are popular pre-planned curricula.

"School-in-a-box." Calvert has been providing homeschool curriculum for nearly a hundred years. You'll receive a box with everything you need, including pencils. Includes tests and teacher evaluations.

Five in a Row
A literature-based curriculum for children ages 4-8.

Oak Meadow
Oak Meadow is available in printed (preschool through 12th grade) and online (grades 5-8) formats.

A Christian curriculum with an emphasis on literature and reading. Sonlight Curriculum Review

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