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Organizing Toys

Taming the Toy Circus

Toys are some of the most valuable learning tools in the house, but they sure can get out of hand. I'm sure I'm not the only parent who's snapped all the legs off of a Playmobil lion by stepping on it in the dark.

I store toys on low, open shelves in open plastic containers (for the most part). The ceiling in our playroom is quite low. If it were higher I would probably have one more level of shelves, but no more than that.

Taking the lid off is essential---much easier to toss something in an open bin than to pry the lid off.

Mostly I use clear sweater boxes and plastic milk crates. It is easy to pull one off the shelf and cart the toys to a different location. Equally important is the ease of carting the container around during tidy up time.

Never forget the primary law of organization: Everything needs a well-defined, well-confined space.

This is one case where pictures are definitely more valuable than words, I've included several photos of our playroom.

General view of shelving arrangement

Photo of shelves and containers.

Kitchen area--includes play food and dishes

Photo of toy kitchen.

Transportation toy area--train, cars, Darda set

Photo of storage containers on shelves.

Engineering/Building toys

Photo of storage containers on shelves.

Playmobil dolls and dollhouse furniture

Photo of storage containers on shelves.


Photo of dollhouses on shelves.

Duplo Blocks and Unit Blocks

Photo of block storage.

More blocks--Legos, castle blocks, stone blocks

Photo of storage containers on shelves.

Dress Up Area and Baby Doll Stuff

Photo of cabinets and drawers.

Inside of Dress Up Cabinet

Photo of containers inside cabinet.

Barbie Storage

Photo of Barbies in a drawer.

Dress Up Accessories---shoes, jewelry, belts, ties

Photo of shoes in a drawer.

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Donít agonize. Organize. - Florynce R. Kennedy

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