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California Homeschool Law & Support Groups

Homeschool Law

The following is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.

Homeschooling Legally and Confidently
Extensive and detailed resources regarding the various legal methods of homeschooling in California.

Special Education Laws and Rules

California Department of Education, Division of Special Education
State web site for special ed.

Parental Rights and Procedural Safeguards
"The notice of Parental Rights and Procedural Safeguards will be given to parents upon: 1) initial referral for evaluation of their child for special education service, 2) each notification of an IEP meeting, 3) reevaluation of their child, and 4) registration of a complaint or a request for a due process hearing. An expanded version will be provided upon the initial referral, upon the registration of a complaint or a request for a due process hearing, and at any time a parent requests one. A complete but shorter version will be provided at all other times a notice of rights is required."

Relevant Court Rulings and Position Papers

I have no information at this time. Please feel free to contact me if you are aware of information I should include here.

Homeschool Support Groups

California Homeschool Network
"California Homeschool Network is an inclusive, statewide homeschooling organization serving families across a diverse spectrum of homeschooling styles and philosophies."

Homeschool Association of California
A state-wide support group with extensive web resources, a newsletter, publications, and homeschool events.

San Francisco Homeschoolers
"A loosely organized, inclusive group of homeschooling families."

Homeschool Resources

"Purpose: To provide information and resources that encourage families to make choices to learn, work, and play together. To provide support and networking for families who choose to educate their children at home."

Homeschooling With Special Challenges
"Three moms who have found their own solutions to special education challenges share helpful advice."

Getting Started
Tips and resources for getting started with homeschooling.

Legal Issues
Special legal issues facing parents homeschooling children with disabilities.

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