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Idaho Homeschool Law & Support Groups

Homeschool Law

The following is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.

Home School
"Idaho does not regulate or monitor home school education".

Idaho Statutes Pertaining To Compulsory School Attendance
Text of Idaho laws related to homeschooling and compulsory attendance.

Special Education Laws and Rules

It is not clear to me whether or not Idaho provides special education services to homeschoolers. However, there is a provision for dual enrollment in public school in Idaho. Any child enrolled in public school, even part-time, would be eligible for SPED services under the IDEA, so that may be one avenue if no others are open.

Relevant Court Rulings and Position Papers

I have no information at this time. Please feel free to contact me if you are aware of information I should include here.

Homeschool Support Groups

Port Cities Home Educators
Homeschool group in the Lewiston area.

Homeschool Resources

Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State
"CHOIS is a non-profit, volunteer organization that seeks, under the Lord Jesus Christ, to encourage and equip parents to fulfill their God-given right to educate their children at home."

Idaho Coalition of Home Educators
The Idaho Coalition of Home Educators offers standardized testing to homeschoolers, sponsors a legislative day, and emails legislative action alerts.

Idaho Homeschooling
Information and homeschool resources for homeschooling from A to Z Home's Cool.

Getting Started
Tips and resources for getting started with homeschooling.

Legal Issues
Special legal issues facing parents homeschooling children with disabilities.

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