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Indiana Homeschool Law & Support Groups

Homeschool Law

The following is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.

IAHE: Indiana Home School Laws
Text of the Indiana law provided by the Indiana Association of Home Educators.

Indiana Department of Education: Home Schooling
Overview of Indiana homeschool law provided by the Indiana Department of Education.

Special Education Laws and Rules

Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities and The Reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
"Because Indiana has not sought to define a "home school" as a type of school excluded from the concept of "private school" or "nonpublic school," a home school is a "private school" or a "nonpublic school" in this State. As such, a student with disabilities enrolled in a home school would have the same genuine opportunities for participation in IDEA funded programs as a student with disabilities enrolled in an accredited nonpublic school."

Relevant Court Rulings and Position Papers

I have no information at this time. Please feel free to contact me if you are aware of information I should include here.

Homeschool Support Groups

Families Learning Together - Indy
"Families Learning Together is an inclusive & diverse group which serves Indianapolis, IN & the surrounding counties. Many views, philosophies, faiths & lifestyles are represented within the membership."

NE Indiana LIFE
"This discussion group is for those in the NE Indiana area who homeschool, school at home, or home educate their children. This is an inclusive group so all are welcome to discuss and share ideas regarding the education of their children."

Homeschool Resources

Indiana Association of Home Educators
"The IAHE is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 for the purpose of serving the Lord Jesus Christ through supporting and encouraging families interested in home education. Our primary functions are maintaining visibility as home educators with civil government leaders, influencing the legislative process, and sponsoring seminars for parent education."

Indiana Homeschoolers Networking List
"IndianaHomeschoolers is a networking e-mail list for all homeschoolers in the state of Indiana. It is intended to help link parents who homeschool or thinking of homeschooling, and provide information about support groups, activities, legal issues, and homeschooling news in general throughout the state and nationally."

Indiana Homeschooling
Resources for homeschooling in Indiana provided by A to Z Home's Cool

Getting Started
Tips and resources for getting started with homeschooling.

Legal Issues
Special legal issues facing parents homeschooling children with disabilities.

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