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Maine Homeschool Law & Support Groups

Homeschool Law

The following is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.

Home School Page
Homeschool web page at the Maine Department of Education web site. Provides laws, applications and resources.

Special Education Laws and Rules

Homeschool Access to School Services
"A student receiving home-school instruction is eligible for special education services, as provided under federal regulations, in accordance with section 5001-A and relevant department procedures and standards."

Relevant Court Rulings and Position Papers

I have no information at this time. Please feel free to contact me if you are aware of information I should include here.

Homeschool Support Groups

MHEA Support Group Resource List
Extensive list of local homeschool support groups in Maine.

Homeschool Resources

Homeschoolers of Maine
"HOME was established in 1990 as a ministry to support Maine families in their God-given and constitutional right and responsibility to oversee the education of their children. Success is our hope and desire for every family that chooses to homeschool. Our ministry supports the family by monitoring legislation, holding an annual convention, providing workshops throughout the year, publishing our bi-monthly newsletter The Heart of HOME, providing free counseling to new and established homeschoolers, and much more."

Maine Home Education Association
"The Maine Home Education Association (MHEA), founded in 1987, is the only nonprofit, non-sectarian, statewide home educator's association in Maine. We are a member supported association managed by volunteers. Our mission is to support the right of Maine families to freely engage in home-based education as an alternative to traditional schooling. We believe that the best support of our right to homeschool is a large, diverse and well-informed community of homeschoolers."

Maine Homeschooling List
"The Maine Homeschooling List is an inclusive forum for: talk about homeschooling in Maine; homeschooling philosophies; specific resources, in Maine and on the web; letting people know where events are; disseminating legislative news; networking with other homeschoolers; anything else that may be relevant to homeschooling in Maine."

Getting Started
Tips and resources for getting started with homeschooling.

Legal Issues
Special legal issues facing parents homeschooling children with disabilities.

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