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Panhandle Plains Homeschool Support Groups & Resources

Homeschool Support Groups

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Lubbock Home School Association
"We are open to any family homeschooling in the Lubbock area. You are invited to get to know families just like yours who are looking for events and activities to enhance their children's education at home."

Panhandle Christian Home Educators Association
"Located in Amarillo, Texas, PCHEA is a home school support group with Christian leadership whose purpose is to encourage people in the process of teaching their children at home. PCHEA offers opportunities for both new home schoolers and veteran home schoolers to gather together for fellowship and to share ideas."

Psalm 119 Homeschool Fellowship
"We are a homeschooling fellowship with an emphasis on the Bible and service. Our families are Bible-believing families called by God to homeschool in the Lubbock area."

San Angelo Christian Home School Association
"SACHSA was created to help support parents in home educating their children. SACHSA's members include about 100 families with around 250 children in and around San Angelo, Texas."

Homeschool Resources

Home Education and Resource Team of West Texas
HEART of Texas states their purpose is to support leadership of local groups, create a central communication network for West Texas homeschoolers and to facilitate large venue activities.

Lubbock Homeschool Christian Athletics Association
"We are an organization supporting competitive athletic opportunities for homeschoolers in the South Plains area."

South Plains Christian Home Educators Association
"SPCHEA stands for South Plains Christian Home Educators Association. That is our common bond. If you live in (or near) the Texas South Plains, if Jesus is Lord, and if you have an interest in home education, then we have a common bond under the umbrella of SPCHEA."

Getting Started
Tips and resources for getting started with homeschooling.

Legal Issues
Special legal issues facing parents homeschooling children with disabilities.

Texas Homeschool Law & Support Groups
Homeschool laws, special education laws, support groups and homeschool resources for Texas.

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