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This is a support group and information clearinghouse for parents who are homeschooling deaf or hard-of-hearing children. Discussion of general homeschool issues will be permitted, but the focus of the list is on the particular challenges of homeschooling deaf and heard-of-hearing children, including IEP's, legal issues, and obtaining special ed services, as well as exploration of alternative educational approaches, presentation, and learning styles.

All homeschool approaches are supported (from "school-at-home" to unschooling.

Religious discussion will be terminated.

Criticism of, or argument about, communication choices or cochlear implants will not be tolerated.

One can subscribe in two ways:
1) send a blank message to

2) visit the list site at

DHSN-LIST - Deaf Homeschool Network List

One can subscribe in two ways:
1) send a blank message to

2) visit the list site at

If you have any problems, e-mail Marilyn at

HSC-L - HomeSchooling and College List

This is a national e-mail list devoted to the transition of homeschooled students into colleges and universities. This list is intended for homeschool students and their parents, admissions officers, financial aid officers, and members of admissions associations. We hope that this list will broaden communication and understanding about the issues facing homeschool students in their transition to college.

This list is sponsored by the Center for Urban Education of the School of Education of Pace University (NY), and by the Executive Board of the New York State Association for College Admission Counseling, and its Human Relations Committee.

To subscribe:
Send an email message to:

and in the message area type:

Subscribe HSC-L (Your Name)

If you have any problems, contact:

Sean Callaway at

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