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Introducing Art to Children

I can not stress enough the importance of viewing actual paintings, drawings and other works of visual art.

There are many reasons for viewing the actual piece, rather than looking at a book, print, or web image.

If your town or city has an art museum, visit it. Otherwise, spend time in local galleries looking at the works there. At the very least you will be able to explore many aspects of technique, and you may see some very fine work.

Unfortunately, most of us will not be able to see more than a few of the great works in person. Many are privately owned and few of us will be able to visit the great art museums to view the others. Certainly not with any regularity (how many times have you been to Seattle, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Paris, St. Petersburg, and Florence in the last year?). So we are, in a sense, stuck with books and reproductions, despite their limitations. There are a large number of helpful books listed here.

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Art Fraud Detective
Anna Nilsen
ISBN: 0753453088, Published by Larousse Kingfisher Chambers, 48 pages.

Book Description

The Museum of Art has a big problem. Some of the museum's priceless masterpieces have been stolen and replaced by cunning forgeries! Are your eyes sharp enough to spot the differences between the fake and the real Rousseau? Hone your detective skills and find the tell-tale clues that will help the police track down the master forgers, and bring back the missing masterpieces. This one-of-a-kind book combines a mystery story, fun spot-the-difference puzzles, and a fantastic introduction to some of the world's greatest art. Guaranteed to enthrall children of all ages, Art Fraud Detective includes historical information on each painting, tips on the techniques of the Old Masters, and a glossary of art terms. Features art by: Rembrandt; Constable; Monet; Picasso; Raphael; Van Gogh; and more!

Discovering Great Artists
MaryAnn F. Kohl, Kim Solga
ISBN: 0935607099, Published by Bright Ring Pub, 160 pages.

The Great Art Scandal
Anna Nilsen
ISBN: 0753455870, Published by Larousse Kingfisher Chambers, 48 pages.

Book Description

Find the rogue painting and save the exhibition and the City Gallery! Children will have hours of fun exercising their powers of observation as they spot the clues that reveal which artist painted each picture. While they have fun solving the mystery, they"ll be enjoying an inspiring introduction to thirty-two of the world"s greatest modern artists.

The split pages make this book a fun, interactive experience, rich with fascinating facts about the paintings and the painters and their techniques—all the ingredients needed to inspire a lifelong interest in modern art. Also included is a glossary of art terms.

Eyewitness: Impressionism
Jude Welton
ISBN: 0789455838, Published by DK Publishing, 64 pages.

Book Description

Discover who the Impressionists were and the influences that shaped their work.

Enter a world of light and color with this beautifully illustrated, authoritative guide to the paintings of Monet, Renoir, Degas, Morisot, Pissarro, Sisley, Caillebotte, and Cassatt. Art historian Jude Welton charts the evolution of Impressionism from its birth in the 1860s to the final exhibition of 1886, tracing the careers of the artists and examining the key influences on their work. See Monet's painting that inspired the name "Impressionism", how photography influenced Degas's studies of ballet dancers, and Renoir's delicate brushstrokes and bold use of pure colors. Learn how the invention of metal paint tubes made Impressionism possible, and how the Impressionists influenced Cezanne, Whistler, and other great artists. Discover why Manet refused to exhibit with the Impressionists, how social conventions restricted the work of the female Impressionists, how Manet and Renoir painted together in Monet's garden, and much, much more.

Eyewitness: Leonardo and His Times
Andrew Langley
ISBN: 0789462907, Published by DK Publishing, 61 pages.

Book Description

Discover the Renaissance -- an age of experimentation, creativity and discovery.

Here is a stimulating introduction to the world of the Renaissance -- from the achievements of Leonardo da Vinci to everyday life in an Italian city-state. Filled with superb, full-color photographs of works of art and beautiful artifacts, Leonardo brings the Renaissance to life, offering a unique "eyewitness" view of this exciting period of history. See Leonardo's design for exploding cannonballs, inside a Renaissance home, the original platform shoes, and one of the first pocket watches. Learn how one family dominated a city for more than two centuries, how gold leaf was applied to altarpieces, when mirrors were first used, and why the ancient world was an inspiration for the modern one. Discover how the invention of the printing press changed the world, how apprentices made pigments from ground beetles, why glue was used as a beauty aid, why Leonardo studied a bird's wing to make a flying machine, and much, much more!

Eyewitness: Perspective
Alison Cole
ISBN: 0789455854, Published by DK Publishing, 64 pages.

Book Description

Discover the theory and techniques of perspective, from the Renaissance to Pop Art.

Since the principles of perspective were first shown in Renaissance Italy, the depiction of depth and space has held a central place in Western art. Artists have endeavored to represent three-dimensional images that are as close as possible to what we actually see. Not until the 20th century were these principles rejected in favor of a distorted viewpoint. See the impossible triangle and other perspective puzzles, and famous masterpieces accompanied by explanatory diagrams. Learn how abstract art conveys depth, how the invention of oil paints made it possible to capture atmospheric effects. Discover what archery has to do with art theory, and what a camera obscura is.

Eyewitness: Renaissance
Alison Cole
ISBN: 078945582X, Published by DK Publishing, 64 pages.

Book Description

Discover the art of the Northern and Italian Renaissance, from the 14th to the 16th century.

Here is a beautiful, thought-provoking and highly informative guide to understanding the Renaissance. Superb color reproductions of paintings, sculptures and sketches, clear artworks and authoritative text from an established art historian offer a fresh "eyewitness" insight into appreciation of the momentous and influential art of the Renaissance era.

Eyewitness: Watercolor
Michael Clarke
ISBN: 0789455846, Published by DK Publishing, 64 pages.

Book Description

Discover the astonishing scope of watercolor art -- its history and stylistic development.

Discover the limitless potential of watercolor with this beautifully illustrated, expertly written guide. Michael Clarke, an acknowledged authority on the subject, traces the historical and stylistic development of watercolor art from earliest times to the present day. See the precise detail of medieval illuminated manuscripts, pages form the watercolor sketchbooks of great artists, and watercolor illustrations from classic children's literature. Learn how ancient Egyptian tomb paintings were produced, why Turner took his watercolor paint box on vacation, how watercolor was used in the designs of William Morris, and how Picasso found new ways or working in watercolor. Discover how female assistants colorwashed the work of 18th-century caricaturists, how watercolor is used today in architecture and fashion design, why Nicholas Hilliard used a mussel shell as a palette, the courtly art of Indian watercolorists, and much, much more.

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