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Celebrations and rituals in family life.

Christmas 2002
Our family's daily Christmas activities for 2002.

Christmas 2003
Our family's daily Christmas activities for 2003.

Paper Engineering
An introduction to the art and science of building things with paper.

Links and resources for exploring these collapsible geometric paper models.

Drawing Stained Glass Pictures *Christmas Craft*
Detailed instructions, with photos, for making stained glass style pictures.

Fabric Giftbags *Christmas Craft*
Instructions for making fabric giftbags.

Making Candles
Resources and ideas for making simple beeswax candles.

Making Paper Chains *Christmas Craft*
Step-by-step instructions for making paper chains.

Making Paper Lace *Christmas Craft*
Pattern and instructions for making paper lace.

Making Paper Snowflakes *Christmas Craft*
Instructions, and photos, for making two styles of paper snowflakes.

Making Pillowcases *Christmas Craft*
Directions, with photos, for sewing pillowcases.

Making a Pinwheel Garland *Christmas Craft*
Pattern and instructions for making pinwheels and stringing them into a garland.

Explore the complex art of paper folding.

Paper Airplanes
Tools and resources for making paper airplanes.

Learn to make your own pop-up books and cards.

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