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Making Candles

Candle display

Some of the candles in the photos are store-bought, but the kids and I made all of candles in blue bucket.

We made the candles at a workshop sponsored by another family in our local homeschool support group. We made four types of beeswax candles: rolled, dipped, votive and tealight.

Votive candles and tealights require special molds, but rolled and dipped candles can easily be made at home with little special equipment.

Rolled candles are a terrific craft to do with kids as there is no heat or melting involved. Just lay the wicking on one side of the sheet of beeswax and roll it up. Be sure to roll it tightly.

Depending on how you cut the sheets of beeswax, you can make tall, skinny tapers, short fat candles, or spiral candles.

Many craft stores carry beeswax sheets. I'm lucky enough to have Glorybee in my home town. (Glorybee also has mail-order; check the resources at the bottom of the page for a link).

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Beeswax Candles & Bee-havior Kit

Great little kit for your first try at making rolled candles. Editorial Review

How can your kids make funky, practical art while learning all about everyone's favorite insects? Beeswax Candles & Bee-havior spreads the word about the little honeymakers and includes five brightly colored, 8-inch-by-8-inch sheets of their finest wax, ready for candle-making. The instructions are clear and simple while leaving room for creativity; the only parental supervision needed is in cutting the wicks (and lighting the finished products, of course--beeswax burns hot!). - Rob Lightner

Candle Making: A Step by Step Guide from Beginner to Expert
Bob Sherman

Detailed instructions and photos for making more than 20 different types of candles. Includes equipment lists and materials recommendations.

Candle Creations: Making and Arranging Candles for Beautiful Effects
Simon Lycett Editorial Review

With nifty candle ideas for every room in the house, Candle Creations reminds us that we needn't wait for a power outage or a special occasion to surround ourselves with the magical glow of candlelight. Three dozen projects incorporate everything from seashells to wooden spoons, vegetables to candies, yielding an impressive variety of candles and candleholders. Most are quick and easy and are crafted of readily available materials. Brighten the living room with flower-filled candles; set a dinner-for-two mood with a romantic candelabrum; make parties more festive with candles that mimic wrapped gifts or a lemon bundt cake. You'll also find attractive ways to display your creations throughout the home and garden. - Amy Handy

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