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Making a Pinwheel Garland

Pinwheel Garland

I thought a pinwheel garland would make a festive and easy Christmas decoration. The string is quite tight, and the pinwheels spin whenever a gust of air hits them.

It occurs to me that there are lots of other things one could do with pinwheels as well. They could be clustered in a bouquet, or hung from the branches the Christmas tree.

For a more durable pinwheel flower (though less useful pinwheel), make them from felt, rather than paper.

Pinwheel Pattern

Pinwheels are almost sinfully easy to make. Begin by cutting out squares of equal size from paper, or felt. I wouldn't recommend other fabrics as you'd have to hem them to keep them from raveling (carefully raveled edges could be interesting, though).

Take the squares of paper and cut slits running from the corners to the center at a 45 degree angle. Feel free to use the pattern on the right as a guide.

Threading the paper square

I used crochet cotton to support the garland. I didn't cut the yarn from the spool until I'd threaded all the pinwheels, making it easy to cut it to the right length. If you're making a garland to fit a specific space, cut the thread to that measurement. Be sure to leave extra to tie loops at the ends.

Thread a needle (if you're using crochet cotton, you'll need a needle with a large eye), and carefully pierce the center of the square. Don't pull the thread through yet; keep the square on the needle.

Folding the pinwheel

Take the right hand corner of the top triangle, fold it over, and poke the needle through the tip. Repeat with each of the other three triangles. The blue dots on the pattern show the location where the corners should be fastened to the center.

If you want to have puffy pinwheels (they'll spin better), you'll need to tie knots in the thread on either side of the pinwheel to hold the ends tightly against the center.

I crushed and flattened my pinwheels with a wooden block.

Finished pinwheel

Your finished pinwheel should look like this.

Repeat until you have as many on the garland as pleases you.

Hang and enjoy.

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