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Stained Glass Cookies

Laying out the dough.

I have to say that these Stained Glass Cookies didn't turn out at all like I thought they would.

I also have to say that I had nothing to do with making them...the kids made them with their dad.

Ready to bake.

I plan to try them again sometime.

I think that the dough for the frames needs to be a pretty thin roll, and that the open spaces for the candy need to be larger.

The kids' assistant powdered the candy; bigger chunks might have worked better.

We also used a packaged cookie dough, which may have been a mistake.

The finished cookies.

The verdict on the flavor? Delicious!, according to the kids. And they certainly had fun making them, which was the point.

I found the idea for these in Making Things by Anne Sayre Wiseman. They're pretty simple.

Use a basic sugar cookie recipe, roll the dough into long, thin logs, and then form shapes on the cookie sheet (covered with aluminum foil).

Crush clear hard candy (we used Jolly Ranchers), and place the candy in the spaces.



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