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Cherokee Language

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Cherokee Language Books

Beginning Cherokee
by Ruth Bradley Holmes, Betty Sharp Smith
ISBN: 0806114630, Published by Univ of Oklahoma Pr.

A beginning course in spoken and written Cherokee.

From the Back Cover

This book, the first of its kind, teaches the rudiments of Cherokee, which is the native tongue of about 20,000 Americans, although most of those who speak it use it only as a second language. Cherokee has had several recognized dialects in the past. The two main dialects today are the North Carolina, spoken on the Qualla Reservation by about 3000 persons, and the Oklahoma, or Western, which is a consensus of the different ways of speech among the Cherokee mingled there after their removal from the East in the 1830's. This book uses the Oklahoma dialect.

Introduction to Cherokee
by Gregg Howard
ISBN: 188465522X, Published by Various Indian Peoples Publishing, Inc., 60 pages.

Introductory Cherokee language course.

About the Author

Gregg Howard began working with the Cherokee language when he and his family moved to Oklahoma and he learned of his Cherokee heritage. Sam Hider was his teacher and it was in the early 70s that Sam and Gregg recorded the Introduction to Cherokee program. Gregg is a member of the Oklahoma Native Language Association and has taught the Cherokee language at Texas A & M - Commerce, Eastfield Community College in Dallas and Collin Creek Community College in Plano.

Intermediate Cherokee Language Program
by Gregg Howard, Durbin Feeling
ISBN: 1884655165, Published by Various Indian Peoples Publishing, Inc., 100 pages.

Book Description

A series of five modules - each complete with a 1 hour audio tape and workbook and available separately. These modules cover the Cherokee verb structure, including discussions on the Set A and Set B pronouns,verb conjugations, subject-object prefixes, translation notes and exercises, how to tell time in Cherokee, cultural notes, recipes, legends and poetry by Robert Conley. The only advanced Cherokee language program available. Recommended.

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Raven's Tsalagi Resources
"The aim of this site is to provide a resource for others who are interested in Cherokee language and/or culture. If you have questions about simple translations of words, check out my language pages, which include a lexicon of words and a few simple phrases."

The most proper name for the Cherokee people would actually be Ani-Yunwiya, which means “The Principle People” in the Cherokee language.
- Jennifer Paxton

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