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Gaelic Language

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Gaelic Language Books

Teach Yourself Gaelic Complete Course by Boyd Robertson
ISBN: 0844238619, Published by McGraw-Hill, 224 pages.

Book Description

Functional and fun, this course offers full pronunciation guides, grammar summaries, dialogues, cultural notes, vocabulary charts, and irregular verb tables. Ideal for complete language study from comprehension, to speaking and writing skills, to understanding the culture.

Teach Yourself Gaelic Complete Course Audio Pack
Audio CDs
ISBN: 0071418849, Published by McGraw-Hill.

Book Description

Bestselling language courses now with audio CDs !

From Catonese to Thai, Gaelic to Modern Persian, learning the languages of the world is attainable for any beginning student. Learners can use the Teach Yourself Language Courses at their own pace or as a supplement to formal courses. These complete courses are based on thievery latest learning methods and designed to be enjoyable and user-friendly.

New English-Gaelic Dictionary by Derick S. Thomson
ISBN: 1871901324, Published by Gairm Publications, 241 pages.

Here is the real French you were never taught in school: body parts (and we don't mean tête or yeux), the ever-popular and long-sought bodily functions, various and sundry epithets for every occasion, and more. Of course, your teachers failed to give you the necessary tools of communication while stuffing the subjunctive imperfect down your throat. French argot (slang) is not just the dirty words (though have no fear, you'll find them here). It is an immensely rich language with its own words for very ordinary things. Merde! is a survival guide for understanding everyday French as it is really spoken.

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