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Reading Lists

Recommended Reading

My recommendations for great books for kids to read.

Fat Books for Sophisticated Teen Readers
A list of good books for mature teen readers who like really thick books.

Recommended Reading for the College-Bound

Originally one list, I've split this into three parts and annotated it. Serious study of the books on this list will provide an excellent foundation for college. Indeed, that study may be equivalent, or superior, to a college education (liberal arts study). It is my own compilation, based partly on a list given verbally to my AP English Class in 1986 by Mr. Mel Shields and partly on a typed list I collected from the school library.

  1. Highschool Drama
    An extensive list of plays recommended for preparation for college.
  2. Highschool Fiction
    An extensive list of fiction books recommended for preparation for college.
  3. Highschool Non-Fiction
    An extensive list of non-fiction books recommended for preparation for college.

Homeschooling Material

Homeschooling Books
Essential reading for anyone who homeschools or who is considering homeschooling.

Homeschooling Magazines
A list of homeschool magazines.

Resources for teaching foreign languages.

All kinds of odd moments turn up during even a busy day, in which it is possible to enjoy a book; and then there are rainy afternoons in the country in autumn, and stormy days in winter, when one's work outdoors is finished and after wet clothes have been changed for dry, the rocking-chair in front of the open wood-fire simply demands an accompanying book. - Theodore Roosevelt

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