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High School Reading List: Non-Fiction

Recommended Reading for the College-Bound

Henry Adams

James Baldwin

Jacques Barzun

Ruth Benedict

James Boswell

Catherine Drinker Bowen

Thomas Bulfinch

Rachel Carson

James Conant

Eve Curie

Alexis De Tocqueville

Will Durant

Laura Fermi

Benjamin Franklin

James George Frazer

J.K. Galbraith

George Gamow

Edith Hamilton

Robert Heilbroner

John Hersey

Richard Hofstadter

Clyde Kluckhohn

James R. Newman

Francis Parkman



David Riesman

Clinton Rossiter

Carl Sandburg

Amram Scheinfeld

Albert Schweitzer

William Shirer

C.P. Snow

William Strunk

Henry David Thoreau


Theodore White

Alfred North Whitehead

William H. Whyte

Fat Books for Sophisticated Teen Readers
A list of good books for mature teen readers who like really thick books.

Highschool Drama
An extensive list of plays recommended for preparation for college.

Highschool Fiction
An extensive list of fiction books recommended for preparation for college.

Homeschooling Books
Essential reading for anyone who homeschools or who is considering homeschooling.

Homeschooling Magazines
A list of homeschool magazines.

If any one finds that he never reads serious literature, if all his reading is frothy and trashy, he would do well to try to train himself to like books that the general agreement of cultivated and sound-thinking persons has placed among the classics. - Theodore Roosevelt

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