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Playmobil Dolls, Furniture and Accessories

If my children could keep only one thing in their toy room, this would be it.

Playmobil dolls are small (adults are about 3 inches high) plastic dolls. The arms and legs move and they can stand. They have c-shaped hands so they hold things (such as a watering can or ski pole), or hold on to things (such as bicycles, strollers, and the rungs on a jungle gym).

There are so many different dolls I would not know where to start in recommending specific choices. There are cowboys and knights, princesses and farmers, pirates and geese, and much more. The accessories are endless...knives, forks, shovels, flower bouquets, dental tools...

Okay, so why are these dolls so important?

The business of children is play. This is how they try things out, work out problems and experiment with appropriate social behavior. Playmobil dolls provide an excellent tool for facilitating that type of play.

There are hundreds of different Playmobil sets. Some are quite pricey, but many of the smaller sets are reasonably priced. We've acquired quite a lot of figures by purchasing the Playmobil Advent Calendars each year.

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The Childís Toys and the Old Manís Reasons Are the Fruits of the Two seasons. - William Blake

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